Design portfolio

I'm always looking for more work, and this includes web design and web coding. Below are some sites that I've done the design for, if you are interested in my services then send me an e-mail and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

For Dalagatan1 the colours for the site were already chosen and I had to work with what I had, it was also essential that someone with very little knowledge of HTM L could come in and edit the site so I had to stick to fairly simple XHTML with as little influence over the look of the site as possible, so very few classes and such in the CSS.

With Morkarlby Elmek I tried to go for a bit more of a strict and serious corporate colour scheme which would work well with the company's blue logotype. Since the si te was to be used with a content management system (Homeweb, see for more info.) the hard part turned out to be that I had to learn the differences between Visual Basic and C# so that I could change the ASP-based site template.

Sadly I've noticed that the Morkarlby Elmek site never got switched over to the newer design, I've been thinking about telling them about it but seeing as how we did the site for free then I suppose it's their loss (an d AFAIK they are aware that there exists a new design for their website).