Well, this is a tiny part of my collection of digital creations. Please don't think that this is necessarily the best that I've created, a better description would be 'decent things I managed to find when looking throu gh my huge collection of crap I've created.'. Basically I have somewhere in the order of 2GiB of photos, drawings and 3D Studio MAX renders and it's getting increasingly hard to find the good pictures, and the originals ( .max and .psd) are pretty much impossible to find, I suspect they're somewhere on the 120GiB disk in my file server. Oh nevermind, here are some pics...


Here are a few wallpapers I've made, they're mostly made for 1400x1050 as that's what I used for my laptop and I've also found that it's quite hard to find good wallpapers that size, most large wallpapers are either 1280x1 024 or 1600x1200.. I've also added a couple of newer ones at 1920x1200 that I made for my iMac.

Angular Colors Fractal no.2
Planetary Gadget Subspace Star
Order och Kaos Fraktal, 1920x1200
Colored blobs, 1920x1200

Other stuff

Hmm, well a couple of other little things I've made. I made the mescaline molecule for a friend and the other pic is one of those things that make absolutely no sense to anyone who isn't me but I've been told it looks fairly ok so I'm putting it here as well.

Mescaline Never Been Evil