Safari saturation bug

Posted by mikael on 2009-07-05 19:27, section: Software

Not that long ago I upgraded to Safari 4.0.1 and all was well, lots of new neatness although the fact that Apple once again managed to change the keyboard shortcuts for the worse annoyed me a bit. Then I discovered a neat little bug...

Example of the effect

It seems that when scrolling the saturation of the colors on the rendered page increases a little for every time you scroll, as long as you scroll it out of view then when you scroll back to the same part of the page it will render normally but if you scroll back and forth with some part of the page always visible then slowly you'll start to get the above look.

I'm a bit surprised this somehow managed to make it into production code, especially since I've never seen this kind of behaviour in Safari before.

Apparently resetting your monitor color profile settings will fix this bug for some people but that just makes me even more confused, why does this bug only affect Safari? And why did it pop up now?

Update 2009-10-12: It seems that this problem only occurs for me when using an external monitor, when I'm just using the regular 24" display on my iMac there are no issues.

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