Another day in the life of...

Posted by Mikael on 2004-11-24 21:49, section: Index

Well, my laptop seems to be going insane, all the icons are wrong but at least it's still working. Also, I've spent another day at work doing nothing but butchering a website because the client wanted us (me) to change it and add lots of pictures all over the site.

I have also decided to change domains for the site since the other one was expiring and I'm still fairly broke and thus not willing to spend money on multiple domain names. And to get back to the issue of my laptop, I've been contemplating wiping the hard drive and reinstalling everything but for now I'm going for the "get rid of as much crap as possible" path to see if I can fix it up enough that it doesn't completely fuck itself up so badly that I can't even make backups of important data.

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