3in1 Ignition Dance Pad

Posted by mikael on 2007-10-25 16:05, section: Toys Ignition Dance Pad

A few days ago I ordered an Ignition dance pad from Play-Asia.com and today it arrived, this is a short review of the pad.

The pad arrived in a well-padded cardboard box only three days after I ordered it, upon unpacking it I found the pad and the foam inserts. It took no more than a couple of minutes to put the inserts in the pad and hook it up to my computer. The system information application in OS X reported the pad as being from RedOctane and I decided to take it for a spin.

I started StepMania and noticed that it did not auto-configure, the configuration only took a minute or so though and really only involved binding the sensors to the appropriate actions. Time to try playing!

I spent about thirty minutes playing various songs with the pad and two things became quite apparent to me. The first was that I had clearly not played any dance games in quite some time and second was that the pad reacted better than the typical bundled dance pad that you'd get when buying a dance game.

As I have not yet used the pad for an extended period of time I have not been able to judge it on durability but it seems to be of fairly average quality, not something you'd expect to hand down to your kids when you are growing old but not something that breaks within a couple of weeks either.

In conclusion, for the price that Play-Asia.com charges for these pads they do seem to be a good buy, and OS X compatibility makes it even sweeter. Definitely a recommended buy if you're looking for a dance pad that won't ruin you.

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