Embarrasing error

Posted by Mikael on 2004-11-23 09:43, section: Index

Well, if you look at all the posts made here so far you'll notice that they've all been posted exactly hour:11 every time, or maybe not, it turns out that I accidently put the time format as H:m which is Hour:month instead of H:i which is Hour:minute, but it should work properly now.

Also, soon I will hopefully get my first paycheck for the work I'm doing here and even though I'm going to try not spending all the money at once it's still going to be nice to have some money available if I need it.

Now as for exciting things that people might actually want to read about, nothing much has happened, I spent yesterday doing absolutely nothing. In fact, I can't even remember what I did except that I watched TV for about an hour. Well, I did go out to buy some smokes in the middle of what some people might call a blizzard and in the empty streets I met a friend who was on her way home, barely anyone out and I manage to find a person I know, gotta love them odds..

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