Backend updates

Posted by Mikael on 2007-06-09 19:40, section: Index

Not much new lately, I've been more concerned with creating something resembling a content management system for the website so I won't have to dig around with static html files or manually edit the database.

The latest in a long line of changes is that all static pages have been moved to the database and can now be edited directly from the admin interface that I've written. I've also done some general work on the server, setting up ntpdate to run at boot and ntpd to keep the clock running accurately (it had drifted almost twenty minutes since last reboot when I finally set up ntpdate and ntpd).

I've also written a couple of small scripts to enable me to monitor system uptime, CPU temperature and motherboard temperature using MRTG. Anyway, more changes are bound to show up, I've been working on a neat little system for setting up webhosting with a subdomain scheme with MySQL accounts and all that being set up automagically, not done yet though..

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