Back to work again..

Posted by Mikael on 2004-11-22 08:11, section: Index

Well, I'm back from Gävle and I'm now waiting for my boss to arrive so I can find out what I'm supposed to do today. But until then I might as well ramble on about my weekend..

As always when taking a train that arrives late at night the train was delayed due to some other train being broken or possibly because some power lines had fallen down, never did get a coherent explanation about that at the train station. Anyway, I arrived about an hour later than I expected and ended up watching The Toxic Avenger with my friends, and after watching some TV afterwards me and a friend finished off the night by talking about politics, feminism and power structures to be more exact, until around four thirty in the morning.

The next morning I woke up and after goofing off for a while we went to buy a case of beer which was later consumed by me and another friend. All in all it was a fairly uneventful weekend but still fun and most likely a lot more fun than staying home would have been.

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