Working the evening shift

Posted by Mikael on 2006-10-24 02:02, section: Index

Well, I'll be working the evening shift for seven days in a row, today was the first of those seven days, just six more to go.

The thing about the evening shift is that you get all the fun and exitement of working the day shift (late afternoon, people coming home from work and discovering their DSL isn't working) and then even more fun in the evening (all those people waiting in the queue all evening so that they can yell at you for something that is most likely their own fault).

It's not all bad though, after ten the calls pretty much stop coming in and you can actually relax for a while. Of course, another downside is that when you get home at around eleven thirty or so your girlfriend will be getting ready for bed while your internal clock is telling you that you've got another five hours or so until it's time to sleep.

Oh well, at least I'll be able to afford an iMac soon, if all goes as planned and I don't decide to just go to Thailand or something instead...

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