Posted by Mikael on 2005-01-09 18:35, section: Index

Well, the server will be offline from 14th or 15th until I get an internet connection at my new apartment, but don't worry the web won't be safe from my never-ending flood of random thoughts and other crap..

On a related note, it seems I'll finally (after several months of living with the 'rents) have a nice large apartment. Well, a fairly large studio apartment anyway, but let's not get stuck on details like that, at least it's an apartment.

Also, I'm still waiting for some papers from the university that I need in order to get the keys to the apartment (since it's a student apartment with no rent in the summer). Oh well, I guess it's just to wait and hope that they hurry up, they did say that I'd get the papers on monday or tuesday.

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