No more xmas..

Posted by Mikael on 2004-12-27 23:00, section: Index

After over a week of absence I return again, and I am so glad that christmas is finally over, I just can't handle it. On the upside I did get me a fancy Wacom tablet so now I can draw properly with my computer, this is especially good since I suck at inking IRL, I need my undo or things will get fucked up.

There really hasn't been much happening since last time I wrote here, still haven't found an apartment in Falun but hopefully I'll get one before school starts. In related news, I'm supposed to do some work that needs to be finished by the first week of january but I can't do it until my boss gets me a proper mail addy and I've been waiting almost a week so far and I've already reminded him once so far, I guess I'll have to be patient...

Also, I've started experimenting with drawing characters again for the first time since junior high. This is actually the first time in over five years that I've had any real interest in drawing anything non-abstract, and I'll need the knowledge since the course I'm taking this spring is all about character modeling and animation.

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