Posted by Mikael on 2004-12-13 23:09, section: Index

Ok, another glorious day has passed, today I had the pleasure of doing pretty much nothing at work, an activity that I'm quite good at despite how amazingly boring it can get at times. I've also started to play around with 3D modelling again, just for kicks. I'm nowhere near good at it but at least I'm trying. My excuse right now is that since I pretty much quit playing with 3D Studio in the summer of 2003 I have used it less than three or four hours...

And now for something completely different. This weekend I spent most of my time at a friend's place watching TV and procrastinating in general, a welcome change from my normal weekend behaviour which can be summed up with two words - beer and computers. Well, there's really not much more to say at this time, my blog sure is interesting isn't it?

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